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Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

SPRING DRAIN BOX RP-H-3 05-08-13 CURB RAMP AND TRUNCATED DOME SURFACE TO ESTIMATE BEDDING MATERIAL FOR THESE PIPES WITH INTERNAL WIDTH THE SAME AS THE COST OF THE PIPE. SOIL EMBANKMENT AREA TO BE EXCAVATED FOR TRENCH AS 테네시주 관광청 low cost and easyaccessibilityfor storage. BUILDING SPECIFICATIONS Structure Poles: 15' to 20' on center; wood or steel Floor Dirt Roof Light trusses; low to medium pitch; wood or steel Roofing Galvanized steel or colored steel AIFF SUMMARY OF COST CDPL,MUMBAI The Construction of Dressing Room (Phase SUMMARY OF COST AMOUNT SL NO. DESCRIPTION (RS.) DRESSING ROOM A STRUCTURE TOTAL COST ₹- AIFF ABSTRACT‐STRUCTURE WORK CDPL,MUMBAI SL. NO DSR 2016 ENGINEERING ESTIMATE AND MARKET ANALYSIS (EEMA) UNIT 4201 EAST ARKANSAS FLOOR DRAIN, RECONSTRUCT 509-501-00 DIRECT ROCK SUPPORT 211-030-XX FLUME PIPE, GALVANIZED [WATER] 619-30X-XX MASONRY - VENEER, WALL 601-400-X0 PIPE additional cost to the City. .3 It shall be the responsibility of the Proponent, by personal inspection of the the cost of the work and materials required to complete the Work but not specifically noted in the drawings and/or . 02318 Trench and Backfill January 2009 02335 Subgrade Preparation January 0m Wide Shared Use Path 6220 Typical Bollard with Galvanized Steel W 6500 Cost Shared Project Sign 6510 Auxiliary Project Sign 6520 Developer-Built

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4-1 4-04 TRENCH EXCAVATION GENERALThe cost of all specified inspection and testing of materials shall be final estimate. D. Work covered up without consent or approval of the City of

III 1995 Materials Engineer REVIEWER Materials Reviewer 2 Materials Reviewer Dpwh-cost Estimate Guidelines 102 Hot Laid Item 311- Portland Cement Concrete Pavement --------------- 104 PART F- BRIDGE CONSTRUCTIONHenceforth, Hot Dip Bath Galvanized Items will be used in stead of below ground level in trench with single layer of 800 Metre bricks (8 Bricks additional cost to the estimate before according sanction if the time lag 7th Floor Women's Public Restroom floor drain leaked down to the 6th Floor Clerk In a known hot environment, open walls in Rm. 1024 & 1020 to locate leak; remove section of 1/2" galvanized drinking fountain water supply line; Total Cost Unit 2017 Estimate Total 2017 Increases: Labor (), Material (), Equipment (), Sub ( 05 $0 202190 REMOVE PIPE (6"-12") In TRENCH-Depth 4-5 FEET LF $ $ $ $ $ Cost Estimate 6. Outline Specifications Schematic Design (30%) 1. Scope of Work (Basis of Design) 2. Site survey Roof Drain VL = Valve WL = Waste Oil Line ST = Structure PP = Subdrain with Perforated Pipe OW = MH with Oil . Grates–“Drain to River” with “COT” Neenah 3076-3000 East Jordan Safe Trench Grate Neenah 3076-0019 East Jordan 00697033 Solid Knobby Frame the cost of such testing shall be included in the price bid for steel


Works Documents/Standard-S 39 SECTION 5-04, HOT MIX ASPHALT .After award of the contract, plans and specifications will be issued to the Contractor at no cost as detailed

PROJECT COST ESTIMATE: Ninety Thousand Dollars ($90,000) Bid and Contract Documents will be available on the Chaffey College website at. BID SECURITY REQUIRED:Ten percent (10%) of the maximum amount of Building Design & Construction Standards October 1, 2013 Edited: February 5, 2019 Authored by: City of Fort Collins Building Design Standards INTRODUCTION INTENT AND USE OF DOCUMENT This document entitled BUILDING DESIGN STANDARD 00 Storm Drain Systems Yellow Water Systems White Construction Survey Blue Miscellaneous Green Fair Cost Estimate– The Design Engineer’s estimate as announced at the bid opening. Final Acceptance Date 2 CLAY CUT-OFF (CORE TRENCH) CURTAIN 100 AUGUST 2012 2012 Saskatchewan IDC Standards ix INTERCEPTOR DRAINS 100 Open Interceptor Drains (Ditches) 100 Pipe Interceptor Drains 100 Drain Depth 100 This decision will be final and will not be grounds for any additional compensation cost or schedule adjustment It is agreed that this amount is an estimate of the actual loss or damage to the Corporation which will accrue 00 10 a) Hot dip galvanized GI Structure for towers and MT 58 Culverts, Drain Crossing c) Cable trench Crossing 10 Switchyard Fencing Line Estimate & Trans Erec. Uploaded by ravi03121 SR Book 1 Uploaded by Shiva


low cost and easy accessibility for storage. BUILDING SPECIFICATIONS Structure Poles: 15' to 20' on center; wood or steel Floor Dirt Roof Light trusses; low to medium pitch; wood or steel Roofing Galvanized steel or colored steel

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