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Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

How to Order Steel Grating? When order steel grating products, you should know the data about different steel grating products, such as regular steel grating, stair treads, aluminum grating frames. Apart from the steel grating technology information, you can describe the steel grating application and the special request about it. We will try RECTANGULAR PUNCHED Aluminum Heavy Duty Plank Gratings Model Specification for type RECTANGULAR PUNCHED Aluminum Heavy Duty Plank Gratings as Manufactured by Ohio Gratings, Inc.™ 5299 Southway St. SW, Canton, A. Description: Aluminum Heavy Duty Plank Grating type RECTANGULARPlank is a one-piece construction product that is lightweight and has aggressive, serrated or slip-resistant surface for sure footing. McNICHOLS supplies GRIP STRUT ®, PERF-O-GRIP ®, and TRACTION TREAD ® Plank Grating. These three product lines have varying materials, surface profiles, and other options.McNICHOLS ® Walkway Plank Grating carries the GRIP STRUT ® and PERF-O-GRIP ® name. GRIP STRUT ® has a serrated surface that is ideal for safety applications in hazardous walking areas. PERF-O-GRIP ® is made up of large debossed holes and smaller, raised perforated buttons that provide slip-resistance and performance in every direction. Both of these products feature upturned side channels FRP grating performance characteristics are as follows: preservative. It has excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, organic solvents, salts, and many other gaseous and liquid media. It has unparalleled advantages in the field of corrosion protection.A PcP. plank grating consists of a number of U-shape plank elements where the plank width depends on the load capacity requirement of the finished grating. Whereas the plank length depends on the required span in the support. The plank grating is joined with two edging bars that are welded onto the grating ends, at right angles to the span

Safety Grating - Benjamin Steel

Product Description. Safety Grating is a one-piece metal plank grating manufactured by a cold forming process in the shape of a channel. The web of the channel is the walking surface and has rough serrated edges around diamond shaped openings. Diamond openings are complete with radiused corners at the saddle and side channel locations.

Plank Grating-Large Hole . Duke's Planks help cut accident rates by providing a slip resistant surface of large debossed holes and smaller embossed button holes. Plank surface also helps lessen worker fatigue and has a high load capacity, long life and high strength-to-weight performance through its design.PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. Perf-O Grip ® is a one-piece metal plank- type grating manufactured by a cold form-ing process in the shape of a channel. The web of the channel is the walking surface, and has large debossed holes, surrounded by smaller embossed traction buttons.Description: Stainless steel walkway gratings, also know as welded stainless steel bar grating, the most strong and durable metal grating products. They are made from the 304 316 grade stainless steel. We provide a full solution of steel bar grating, press locked grating, heavy duty grating, steel stair treads,plank gratings, safety grating, trench cover,etc.Product Line Description. Bar Grating provides a load bearing surface but allows air, light, heat, sound and fluid to pass through. Bar Grating is strong, durable and virtually maintenance free.Heavy duty Diamond-Strut plank grating has all the benefits of standard Diamond-Strut safety grating, but is superior to the standard. In contrast with standard safety grating, heavy Diamond-Strut grating is manufactured by thicker metal and with larger diamond opening and deeper in channel characters increases load capability and slip-resistance, and basically eliminate accidents Introduction U nited Interlock Plank Grating System from Unistrut fills a multitude of needs in all types of industries. This versatile product, commonly known as Interlock Grating, is used for flooring and walkways, mezzanines, stair Plank Part No.* Description


PLANK GRATING SPECIFYING & ORDERING HOW TO SPECIFY & ORDER OVERVIEW standard will have this language indicated in the product's description and item specifications. Choose the direction the openings need to run in your surface profile selection in order to support the application

Diamond-Strut walkway safety grating fabricated with integral toe-boards provides non-slip, economical and maintenance-free options for long span walkways. 10-Diamond diamond strut grating (24 inches wide) is the standard option for most industrial walkways including suspended walkways or conveyor catwalks.Description: Provides an overview of the applications, terminology, and specification considerations relating to Bar and Plank Grating products. Presented by: Rick Wan , McNICHOLS Company Presenter Background Informationspecification of Heavy Duty Walkway Channel Grip Strut Perforated Metal Plank Grating 5 Diamonds. The lengths of the metal plank gratings can be as your requirement. common size is 1m, 2m,.5m,3m and . the material of metal plank grating is aluminum alloy sheet and galvanized steel sheetThis course is no longer active. AEC Daily will not report completion information for this course. Sponsored By: McNICHOLS Company Description: Provides an overview of the applications, terminology, and specification considerations relating to Bar and Plank Grating products. Presented by: Rick Wan, McNICHOLS Company

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