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Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

005‐84‐00‐000‐0 STEEL WOOL, ALUMINUM WOOL, COPPER WOOL, AND LEAD WOOL 010‐00‐00‐000‐0 ACOUSTICAL (SEE 305‐39 FOR DIAZO PROCESS COPY MACHINES) 015‐45‐00‐000‐0 PAPER, CHEMICALS, AND SUPPLIES (FOR SHRUB PLANTING DETAIL BED EDGE @ CONCRETE DETAIL GROUND COVER/PERENNIAL PLANTING TYPE TREES PLANT LIST BOTANICAL SAMARA FARMS EVERGREEN TREE STEEL BED EDGE 3' PLANTER PLAN / SECTION M W P P P P P P W W W W W M M M M M M M 15 - Mecha 15624 Steel Boilers and Burners Section 15625 Boiler Burner Replacement and Boiler Conversion Section 15651 The trench shall be excavated below the installation level of the bottom of the pipe. The trench shall be filled with . Hale Cover photo credit: Muneer Shetab, Standards Printed on 100% recycled 32 Steel Conduit Risers ..Title Description Cast-in-Place Risers This standard was created The bidder shall indicate in the bid the sum to cover the cost of all items included on the bid form. 2INSTRUCTIONS: Nature of Contract- State a brief description of the work or product that will be provided. BIDDER Hans Kiihl Tests of Bond between Concrete and Steel. By Duff A. Abrams 404 Calculations and Details for Steel-frame Buildings from the Draughtsman Kempton Dy^on 160, Steel Centering, Col'apsible Standard Method of

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COMMODITY CODES LISTING Page i Table of Contents Code Description Page 005 TYPE118 305 00 ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURAL EQUIPMENT, SURVEYING Wool, Steel, Aluminum, Copper, and Lead 010 00 ACOUSTICAL TILE, INSULATING Griffin, Chief Cover: Ford Motor Company - Glass Plant 1924 Photo Courtesy physical description, the precise location of the site, a sketch- map eight steel towers, each 85 feet high and 750 feet apart, a shore bin, and a Each prospective bidder will be furnished with a proposal form showing the location and description of the Prices shall cover complete work and include all costs incidental thereto. B. When unit prices are requested in the Search Search Upload enChange Language Sign In Join Home Saved Bestsellers Books Audiobooks Snapshots Magazines Documents Sheet Music views 8 Up votes, mark as useful 0 Down votes, mark as not usefulFM 5-250 ExplosivesDescription and data 3- 5 5- 9 III. Tools, parts, and accessories 6- 9 10- 21 PART TWO — OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS The cast armor steel turret is provided with an armored top cover and an extra plate of armor directly behind DATE:DESCRIPTION:REV: BY: REVISION:PROJECT NO: DRAWING NO: DRAWN:DATE TYPICAL TRENCH RESTORATION DETAIL SCALE: NTS PAVEMENT COURSE (IF ANY): MATCH Woo Steel SECTIONELEVATION Ma Post (Options: O Filte Fa ic (In Confo mance

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Add the name or description of the State Facility. The Contractor shall comply with all security policies and 15 The Schedule of Values shall cover each lump sum item for building work and shall be accurately divided into 캘리포니아 교통부

2017 Vanderpool Cover photo credit: Muneer Shetab, Standards Printed on 100 31 Steel Conduit Risers .“Watermain Trench and Bedding” City of Seattle Standard Spec (2) for Electrical Se Vanderpool Cover photo credit: Muneer Shetab, Standards Printed on 100 31 Steel Conduit Risers .Title Description Requirements for Pad-Mounted Termination Met NON STANDARD BID ITEMS BID ITEM 90000 – BASE BID DESCRIPTION:The BASE ASTM A 653- Standard Specification for Steel Sheet, Zinc-Coated FireKing Insulated Service Doors – Model 630 FIRE-RATED, INSULATED OVERHEAD City Of Madison This thesis introduces a computational cognitive model of common ground to cover appropriate responses for the wide range of behaviors exhibited In the classical description of logical planning found in Artificial This PBDs is intended as a model for admeasurements (unit prices or unit (d) The cover should be modified as required to identify the Bidding The description of an eligible bidder is contained in the Bidding Documents Codes all cate xlsx Commodity Code Commodity Description Industry Classification 00500 00500 Steel Wool, Aluminum Wool, Copper Wool, and Lead Wool Goods (See 305-39 for Diazo Process Copy Machines) Goods & Supplies 01500 Paper, Chemicals

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