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Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

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tensile steel wire. The result is a strong • A complete range of installation components durable wire with are hot dipped Harper CHaliCe Group limited Security Specification. As a result galvanised to BS729 and metal 8 Binns

Owning 6 large standard workshop,we possess 9 sets including the spiral steel pipe machine,Two sets 180mm seamless puncher for hot-rolled,as well as the hot- sinking mill equipment. Category: Engineering and Manufacturing FLOORING— Stone, Hardwood, etc. Marbleold Co., The Marbrldge Bldg., NHOT-WATER BOILERS— Copper. Badger & Sons Co., E. B., 63-75 Pitt St PAINTS FOR COATING AND PRESERVING IRON AND STEEL. Dixon Crucible Co., Jos Jersey

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