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integral steel grating | Hot DIP Galvanized Steel Grating G323/30/100 Metallurgy


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Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

into:hot-dipped galvanized steel grating,eleco galvanized steel grating G253/30/100 G323/30/100 G403/30/100 G205/30/100 G255/30/100 50 G203/30/50 Home Metallurgy, Chemicals, Rubber & Plastics Wire Mesh Steel Wire Mesh Steel Energy > Metallurgy & Mining > Wire Mesh Steel Bar Grating(Bearing Bar Mild Steel (Low Carbon Steel) , Aluminum, Galvanized, Aluminum, Stainless than 30mm is ok. with 50, 100mm recommended. Surface treatment G-hot-dip

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