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Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

86 CC 0701-194 I-70 EXIT 75 PARACHUTE RAMP IM 3 M 20090226 ADARAND CONSTRUCTORS, INC. 5 $185, 4 $476, C 0401-019 US40 MP32-182 VARIOUS COUNTIE 3 M 20091112 MIDWEST ROCKFALL, INC. 5 $817, Curb Ramp SY202-00206 Removal of Concrete Curb Ramp Rem of Brick Pavers SY202-00207 Removal of Brick Pavers Rem Rem Walkway LF202-00806 Removal of Walkway Rem Ground Sign EACH202-00810 Removal of Ground Sign Rem of Sign Curb Ramp SY 202-00207 Removal of Brick Pavers SY 202-00210 Removal of of Walkway LF 202-00810 Removal of Ground Sign EACH 202-00815 Removal of Reset Metal Panels LF 210-00473 Reset TV Cameras EACH 210-00474 Reset Traffic State - Energy - Concession Schedule 2, Page i CO\ Page Part I - GENERAL.1 Part II - PERFORMANCE STANDARDS – GENERAL

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